The Tribal Council of the Siwanoy Nation

The Flag of the Siwanoy Nation

Approved by the Tribal Council on January 9, 2021

© Siwanoy Nation Incorporated

The red, yellow, white and black are taken from the native medicine wheel which was also used as a compass and applied to all aspects of indigenous life. It was extensively used among northeast woodlands tribes such as the Siwanoy. The red quadrant of the wheel represented the wolf in some interpretations, and in our flag the wheel is pointed towards the northeast. 

The "enchanted wolf" with raised right paw was the totem of the Wappinger Confederacy, so included is the silhouette of a wolf and star, with the wolf now holding a scepter, representing the Siwanoys' royal heritage, with the intials of Ann Hook in purple, also representing royalty.

Other Symbols of Our Nation

The design for the Siwanoy Nation "shield" emblem was approved by the Tribal Council on September 20, 2021.

The design for the Official Seal of the Siwanoy Nation was approved by the Tribal Council on October 19, 2021.