The Tribal Council of the Siwanoy Nation

In Loving Memory

This eternal flame burns in loving memory of His Excellency Larry "Key" Dillon II, Chief of the Siwanoy Nation, who departed this life on July 12, 2021.

His Excellency Larry Dillon II, more affectionately known as Key, was born December 7, 1984, in Long Beach, California, and joined his ancestors in death on July 12, 2021, in Brainerd, Minnesota. He was the Chief of the Siwanoy Nation, and the eleventh great grandson of Siwanoy chieftain Wampage I. He was survived by his parents, 5 siblings, and 3 beloved children. 

He was unanimously elected first Chief of the Siwanoy Nation on May 24, 2021, with an official induction ceremony held on June 28. Key was a true friend, and he had family and friends all over the country. He was originally from New Orleans and moved to Chicago when he was 13. He became well known around Chicago as a rapper and chef. He even tried to start his own TV show, Good Eatin' Chicago, and auditioned for Master Chef. Later on, he had an online cooking show, Only Pans. He was the real deal in everything that he did, and had all the qualities one would look for in a chief. He was deeply connected with the earth and had a major green thumb. He served his country in the United States Air Force; he served his community as a DJ and chef; and he served his tribe as their Chief. 

He will never be forgotten.

Key was my friend, my cousin, and my chief. He was loved by so many people because he was totally real 100% of the time. When it came to tribal business we were always on the same wavelength. The blood called him into my life and I will never forget him. Generations from now, the children of the Siwanoy Nation will be told of Chief Key, who dedicated his life to the tribe history wanted to forget. His memory will live on. In everything we do as a council, may we honor his memory and his vision for the future of the Siwanoys.

Robert "Ninham-Wampage" Koehler
Tribal Secretary