The Tribal Council of the Siwanoy Nation

Tribal Administration

Shatonya "MiRage" Parker
Chief of the Siwanoy Nation

The Siwanoy Nation is administered through a Tribal Council, consisting of the Chief, the Tribal Secretary, the Tribal Treasurer, and at least two other persons.

Tribal Enrollment Information

Please join the Siwanoy Descendants Group on Facebook or contact us for enrollment information. Applicants must be biologically descended from a known Siwanoy ancestor or from a person listed on the tribal rolls of the Siwanoy Nation, and must document their lineage.

Tribal Rolls

Approved by the Tribal Council on October 19, 2021

The Tribal Secretary may issue a certified copy from the Tribal Rolls of the Siwanoy Nation. Any member of the Siwanoy Nation may obtain a certified copy of his or her Certificate of Enrollment, Application for Tribal Enrollment, and accompanying lineage statement, or that of his or her minor child(ren), for a fee of $10, to be paid into the Treasury of the Siwanoy Nation.

Each certified copy bears the Official Seal of the Siwanoy Nation and a certification stamp.

Contact us for enrollment information.